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     Law Office of Katharine A.D. Hanson 

Guardianship, Probate, Estate Planning, & Elder Law Resources

This information is provided by the Law Office of Katharine A.D. Hanson only as general educational and informational guidelines, and are not intended to, and do not, constitute legal advice to the reader. This information is not intended to nor designed to advise the reader on any particular course of action, nor are they intended to create an attorney-client relationship between the reader the Law Office of Katharine A.D. Hanson. The reader is advised to consult his or her attorney for legal advice regarding his or her specific facts and circumstances.

Legal Disclaimer:

The information contained in this website reflects the laws in the State of Washington at the time the pages were written. Every effort has been made to make them readable and understandable to non-lawyers and because of this they are general in nature.   The information in this site is designed to get you started on the planning process. You should always check with a lawyer before signing any legal documents.

Visiting this website does not create a lawyer-client relationship. The only way to become a client is for you to contact the Law Office of Katharine A.D. Hanson to discuss your legal needs in greater detail.  During our conversation we can determine whether I am the right lawyer to work with you.  This sort of planning and analysis is most easily done by phone or in person.  Once we have decided to work together we will both enter into an Attorney-Client Service Agreement which details the scope of my representation, the fees and costs, as well your duties as the client.

Katharine A.D. Hanson is licensed to practice law in Washington State. There are important differences between Washington laws and those of other states. If you are a resident of another state please consult an attorney licensed to practice law in your home state. If you are not currently working with an attorney and need a referral you may want to call your state bar association for assistance.

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